Security-system for medical syringes (2003)


In medical work areas, either in ambulant, clinical, human or veterinary medicine as well as in laboratories the syringe is one of the most used tools of all.

This leads to a handling that is routine work and is done not very attentive and watchful. The dangers of this are:

- Stab wounds of the people, who use the syringe

- Injuries in the process of dumping and disposal

- Injuries from used syringes with the danger of infections like Aids or Hepatitis C


The innovation is an active security system against stab injuries of all kind from used syringes. Its mechanism works every time and without any additional work from the user. One handed use of the syringe is still possible and even with the very high safety the production costs of the system are similar to normal cannulas.


 KanSyringe-safety-system during penetration.


 Protected syringe after use

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