Oscillating tubular drive (2006)

In several applications of drive engineering electric drives are needed that have a control and actuator functions as well as slow output rotating speed with high torque. These drives are used for electric doors, windows, blinds, roller shutters or rolling doors.

The oscillating tubular driver invented here integrates an electric engine, transmission and self-locking in one component.


The combination has an oscillator, which is displaced into oscillations by an electromagnetic force. The oscillator is connected with slide rings and peripheral grooves in a form-fit manner, where the grooves are arranged on a periphery of an output shaft with a thread with large inclination. The output shaft is displaced into rotation, and a reversing of the slide rings takes place at a reversal point such that the slide rings are not run back into same track and are guided into a next tract, so that the output shaft experiences another rotation in same direction.



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